Zxr 750 j1 indicator s were working Now light up but don t flash All four...

Zxr 750 j1 indicator s were working. Now light up but don't flash. All four light up just don't flash ??

  • Relay

  • Where do I find that?

  • Can I test it?

  • Lloyd, it's almost certainly a relay, symptoms right, and they're piss poor on these despite being Denso! Aftermarket won't last long, and OEM a little pricey, but get the part no. off it and do a search on fleabay, there's someone importing OEM from Malaysia a little cheaper!

  • Thanks guys

  • Was the relay. Done ;)

  • check the bulb valtage might need lower watage bulbs as freind had same problem and buld watage was to high

  • Done now Neil Raggo. Was relay