I've heard there is a new XZ8R Kwak are working on, I'm just wondering is there a need for an 800cc machine? Apparently based on the moto GP bikes it will deliver the power of the ZX10's with the movement of the ZX6. Speculation or fact??? I ask you fellow Ninja riders...

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  • I think they are planning on it but you have to consider what yoou are sacrificing. I highly dont beleive that it will have as much power as a zx-10, also it will be bigger so theres no way it will move like zx-6. If you are looking at something like that, i read an article in a mag a while back where they had a modified zx-6 (636 i believe) compared to a stock zx-10 and the zx-6 did a lot better. I cant see it being that long lasting either. theres really no category for it, like the 636, too big for the 600cc category, and would have to race with the 1000cc.

  • Ok, anyone know if a ZX10-R 04-06 rear swing arm will fit a 2000 ZX9-R. Would like to know before spring arrives. cheers

  • i've seen the zx8r ninja as a project . it's beautiful . i think it'll be the ideal choice between 636r and 10r ninja . i'll upload a pic