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This police motorcyclist wanted to stop the traffic, but one car hit the police officer. The car was either going so fast or maybe the driver was inattentive. The driver of the car hit the police motorbike. We hope that the police officer is still alive and in good condition. What do you think of …

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  • If they can't see Day-Glo yellow and white with blue flashing lights, what chance has the rest of us. Time they taught better observation during driving lessons.

  • Similar thing happened to me today but the culprit was a cbr 600 rider I was in van and there was an artic behind me on a duel carriage way ambulance and a police car in inside lane so I indicated to move over so did artic guess what the cbr did yep shot straight up the inside lane straight into the arms of the police man after skidding his bike and skidding his pants with a good guess hope he got away with a warning

  • :(