You know there comes a time in every riders life when you realize you re...


You know there comes a time in every riders life when you realize you're getting quite old then you stop trying to hide it then embrace it. I'm going to be 50in 5months and now its more like, hey I'm 50 and still riding a sport bike, cool!

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  • That reminds me of a film I watched recently called a million ways to die in the west.., you seen it?

  • Its a comedy.

  • I nearly coughed up a lung when yer man seen his gurls vag and said.., "Does it hurt???" lmfao...

  • No I must admit I don't have time to sit and watch films cause of the long shifts I do , just rode home from a 13 hr shift tonight , back up at 6 to be out on the road by 7 ......sounds like a very funny film though :)

  • Taken shortly after I bought my ZX10 this year and I am proud to be 57 and I have no intention of slowing down :)

  • You know what I have noticed from this page and other kawasaki pages. There seems to be a lot more older riders that finished off with the ninja brand then all those lesser brands lol

  • The ninja's are a good all round bike , I have had a J2 for the last 8 years , which I use for work and that bike has never let me down , Kawasaki produced damn good bikes , and those of us who ride them , know this ....... I for one would never ride anything else !!

  • Your never too old to ride, I've seen a 72 year old still riding a harley!

  • There is 75 year old around here that rides a zx10. Here crashed a cbr1000 a couple years ago ended up in the hospital but back at it again

  • Harley's dont count, they are like motorized couches.