Yehuda Levi added 7 photos to SX Headlight in Kawasaki Z1000sX.


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  • Where u get them from?

  • You can find it in ebay or aliexpress. Just look for H7 LED headlight.

  • Ta buddy

  • Does it put the 2 lights on as main ?

  • Remain the same. One is regular and the second for high beam

  • Mine should be here by mondy

  • Good luck with the installation. The coolling system in my own is not removable and that is why had to remove the fairings. After got mine find out ther is in the market many types...

  • Spettacolo!!

  • Just need to do side lights

  • Yep. Waiting. Its on the way....

  • Magnifique

    Y a pas à dire