Years back in the 90 s when i did my test you first passed your test on a 125cc...

Years back in the 90's when i did my test you first passed your test on a 125cc with 12 bhp then had a 250/350 stroker or similar, then a 500cc/600cc then a 900cc or what ever and so on and so forth. These days they pass on an er5 or similar then want to buy something bigger for their first bike!! Its never quite made sense to me or is that Just me?

  • The Winged Wheel forerunner of the moped

  • I passed my test last year and got a zr750 for my first bike, stupidly fast for first bike but I could get any size cc with minimal experience

  • Bike laws are strange and certainly unfair when compared to cars , I passed my bike test in 81 aged 17 on yam rd 80lc (wish I,d kept it) and I could have gone out and ridden anything legally then , though I did,nt as my mates had small bikes like rd125,s and gp125,s and I still had finance on the Yamaha

  • Crikey I,ve hardly changed , do you dig my trainers

  • That looks mad lol

  • Love the picture Paul (Y) my mate had the rd 80, i had a honda mbx 80 for a bit :)

  • I remember the MBX , in decent nick they,d fetch fair dollar now , great fun, the good old days

  • There,s a club called fs1e splitters their a great bunch been out for a few rideouts with em , mainly fizzies but all sorts of 70,s and 80,s Peds plus x7 and rd family stuff , basically anything especially 70,s 80,s bikes , and the smell of the blue haze

  • You cant beat that smell lol, i will be smelling it again once my garge is built as i have a 1990 aprila af1 125 sentesi (28bhp) waiting to be put back together :-) would they let me take that?

  • It looks identical to this one :-)

  • Oh yeah

  • You have to have a restricted bike up to 24yo so theres no point in getting a big bike. I think an er5 is slightly over the threshold too. Once your 24+ you have to resit you mod2/road test on a big bike. I passed 4 years ago and fortunately for me i was 26 and did the unrestricted test on a cbf600.

    I went on to ride a cb-1 400 which i still own. Rode that for two years and bought a fazer 600 and then bought my er5 for this winter whist i rebuild my cb-1.

    What they need to do is make the CBT an actual test and not just a course you receive a certificate for attendance.