• Would really appreciate some advice or opinions from anyone who may know I m...

    Would really appreciate some advice or opinions from anyone who may know, I'm considering buying a new spec ZZR1400 & was wondering if worth spending the extra to get the SE version?

    • I dyno-ed my 2012 with stock pipes at 185 rwhp and then with full Akrapovic system (slip-ons + headers with baffles in) at 190 rwhp ..... +5 hp & -8 kg makes a noticeable difference.

    • Were you getting your suspension sorted at Jamie Fearnhead for 50 £ ???

    • Might just check them out thanks Jamie Fearnhead

    • Do they have a website ?

    • Dont know Chris Highway but they set bikes up for bsb

    • If your closer to the Midlands revs in Halesowen do it for free

    • Cheers guys need the rear sorted

    • Im same Chris Highway feels a little to soft in the bends dont get me wrong i aint no knee down kid only.been bikin 3 years in june

    • Yes ive tried playing myself but not much better .cheers Dave Cotton im in Walsall so thats excellent thanks .think it needs rebuild or a new shock

    • http://www.revsracing.co.uk/in dex.htm there you go mate there good guys know what there doing

    • Cheers Dave Cotton sounds like just the job

    • I'm looking at getting a new 14, I bought a black (green stripes) SE in 2013, but this was written off on the M4 last year. I think I will get the standard model, fit an ohlin to the back, k-tech front forks, hyperpro steering damper, a 4 into 1 exhaust, this should work out no more expensive than the SE, will be personalized and set up for me. If you sale the bike, put the new originals back on and sale your extras seperatly and get your money back.