Working in the living room in winter when you have no garage

Working in the living room in winter, when you have no garage !

  • Ah ben bravo!

  • Vous avez pas interet à me preter vos appart' ahahahaahah

  • oh putain !!! mais tu sais que ton fils est chez toi ce week end

    tu m'inquiètes là ... tu veux lui apprendre la mécanique ?

  • cool ;-)

  • 7 years ago ! had to fix the lights if I wanted to go to work the morning after ! ahahahah

  • I'd like to park it in my living room but I live on the first floor.. :-)

  • build a ramp ! uahahaahahhaha

  • Fantastic! Takes me back to my batchelor days. I had a ground floor flat with a long living room ideal to work on bikes. Made a great feature in t,he middle of the room. I used the kitchen as a spray booth.

  • I saw the same W today, same color, all stock, large handlebar in a good state… I almost stole it ahahhahahah