Work for Tank Style finish Next work step is clean the steel and old coloure...


Work for Tank Style finish. Next work step is clean the steel and old coloure on the gasoline tank.

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  • I cant wait to see the finished product

  • Its Hard working. Many Times waiting for special bike things. And my time for working on bike is short. On Day work in my Job and sometime on Night work on my bike.

  • to bad you don't know anybody who does hydro dipping on the side

  • That looks great!!! I know you put Many many hours into that!!!

  • Welding work for Tank is difficult. I take Wolfram innert Gas Welding Variante. Good working and small steel Spam on the gasoline tank.

  • Sweet work

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    welded assemblies

    TIG welding

    TIG weldingTIG welding is one of the fusion welding procedures. TIG welding is mainly used for thin sheets made of aluminium and stainless steel, but can also be used for normal steel sheets and plates.

    It can be used universally and is characterised by its clean and tidy results. This method produces little spatter and virtually no gases, which is advantageous for the welder’s health. The current required for welding the workpiece is supplied via a tungsten electrode (2). Unlike MIG or MAG welding the electrode does not melt. The welds (5) are very high quality, because the melted metal (4) is protected against oxidation by the supply of a shielding gas (3).

    It is supplied directly via the welding head (1). As the electrode does not melt, the filler metal (7) is added manually. In TIG welding the welder can match the current intensity and the quantity of filler metal to the workpiece (6). In TIG welding the filler metal is added continuously or drop by drop. The filler wire remains continuously in the liquid weld pool. This procedure is therefore also called the “pushing method”.

  • Advantages

    No slags are produced when the inert gases argon and helium are used. This welding procedures is very fast. This means that the material hardly deforms at all due to the short heat effect. TIG welding can be used in all positions.

  • I have a mig welder and im getting better. Used in my last bike to close up all yhe holes on the rear fender. I really want to try tig. If my group gets a lab set up at work im gettong one for there get some practoce in.