Wondering how long it will take for the irritability to go away


Wondering how long it will take for the irritability to go away??

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  • After ivig, I feel like our little cutie came back immediately

  • 2 to 3 months for my 4 year old

  • Good to know!

  • Hello and welcome! I hope your son gets well soon. My daughter was about 2 1/2 when she had KD and was sick with a lot of joint pain at least 2 weeks after she came home from the hospital.

  • Thank u! Good to know. He has been asking me to hold him more... And has complained about his feet. Good to know!

  • Hang in there it took my sons mo this to be back to his normal self

  • We are 1.5 months out from our diagnosis. We were discharged after 1 round of ivig...I felt like she was still so cranky and sore and then sure enough fever came back! We ended up going with our gut and taking her back to er two days later and good thing because she needed a second dose of ivig!! After the second dose she was completely different! Looked and acted so much better! Looking back now it was very obvious she needed a second dose and I'm upset they ever let her go in the first place. Follow your gut mama! Keep checking for fever if it goes over 100 take him back!

  • Thanks for letting me know. All this information really helps

  • My daughter took months to get to what seemed like normal! She was only 5 months when diagnosed so it's hard to say what she was actually feeling...but definitely a couple weeks for her to smile again, but then still she has always seemed more exhausted regularly than my other daughter was. And her temper was outrageous for the longest time! She's now 21 months and a pretty normal kid but I still notice slight traces of tiredness and temper...hoping it wears off completely with a few more months!! Hang in there, it does get better!

  • Thanks so much for sharing, everyone. I had no idea about KD until my son got it. Good to know that this too will pass!

  • Shawn Logan?

  • Hi:) how did they decide she needed another round? Just due to crankiness or were the symptoms obvious? We just got out Friday and I'm just being overly cautious!

  • It was a big factor. But her blood numbers were still off too.

  • And fever came back. Which you should not have any fevers after!