With a bit of a glitch where my payment couldn t be seen etc here at last is...

With a bit of a glitch where my payment couldn't be seen etc. here at last is the receipt for the cash collected in Dave Williamson's name and paid to his favourite charity the RNLI in his memory. (Dave hailed from the trawler and fishing industry in the North East of England). For newer members, a Tribute/Memorial ride across Ireland to Shanagolden where Dave had lived was organised by Roy Douglas Twwps in memory of a sadly missed member who had passed away in 2015 and 4 of us from the UK joined in on the ride. It is in my name because if paid on behalf of a group the charity cannot claim Gift Aid from the government (a further £0.25 added for every £1 donated by 'an individual'). Thanks to everyone who took part and a special thanks to certain members who couldn't make the ride but sent me a contribution anyway.

  • There were no smiles as that darned rain chased us for 2 days!! :D

  • I'm still in therapy frightened to get in the shower lol

  • Haha what without your oversuit and leaky boots :D lol

  • I got a sign for them

    Caution slippery when wet

  • Must have nicked it off that lady who shadowed you on the boat with her mop and..... believe it members... a "Caution Slippery When Wet" sign which she placed by us all! :D

  • Steve Parr has changed his profile picture lol

  • Love it!! :D :D :D

  • I'm still bummed out I couldn't make it!!!

  • Never fear, watch this space Mark (Y)

  • Next year double the turn out

  • Yes please! :-)

  • Thanks for the help pat putting it in for Dave Williamson R.N.L.I hope to set up a route around the coast of Ireland north and south 2 or 3 nights yo do it hoping to do it in July or Aug 2017 full details to fellowing Soon

  • No bother Roy, I'll inbox you soon and we'll have a bit of a yarn about it

  • Sure