Wiseco 67mm piston kit brand new open box.


So here's the deal. I purchased this thru amazon February 17th. I got it on the 22nd. I didn't get around to installing it till yesterday. I opened up the box. Installed the rings properly and oiled up the wrist pin, top end bearing and piston. I gently tried to slide it into my cylinder when I realized it was too big. I didn't try to jam it in there. The piston is not dammaged as you can see in the pictures. I also noticed the gasket set is for a H series kdx 200, which I did not open. I confirmed on here that it is 1mm OVERSIZED from a stock kdx 200 e series or h series piston. I already talked to the seller and I admitted to him honestly that I tried to install it and it did not fit. He was a nice enough guy and explained to me that he just can't accept it back because no one will buy a piston that someone already lubed up and tried to install. I tried to argue with Amazon because it was their part fitment checker that confirmed to me that it would fit my kdx. I didn't read the details. I searched "94 kdx 200 wiseco piston" saw this said "will fit your 1994 kdx 200" and hit buy now. Lesson learned. Amazon said they will review my claim and get back to me in 2 weeks or so. Well I'm not gonna wait 2 weeks and maybe get some of my money back. So I'm offering it to you guys for 30 bucks less than what I bought it for with free shipping. 100$ in my paypal and I'll ship it out anywhere in the us. Ill even sweeten the deal and include a kdx 200 H series manual for 20 bucks more. I put all the parts back in the plastic and back in the box the way it came. IL box it up nice nice for ya. Even comes with the wiseco stickers. Just looking for enough money so I can get the right size piston and ride my bike.

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  • should go to the wiseco site and put in the number..could show whats compatible

  • I tried I does not show compatibility other than kdx 200 86 to 06

  • hmmm mabe google the part number and ad compatible...i know for sure a 91 kx 250 is a 67...so...

  • eitherway..its a great price..i pay alot for my pistons..being canadian monopoly money

  • Might be the same diameter but a different stroke or wrist pin location ect

  • i agree with you..but i also find that some brands can mix..like i have a 19 rear yz 250 wheel on my kx..cause i find 18 wheels were harder to get..i am rebuilding a motor right now..and i am cross breeding it 1987 kx and a 1993...

  • youd be surprised...they sometimes have direct things or numbers just to gouge you

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