Winter s coming and I ve got a few things in mind but I need an opinion


Winter's coming and I've got a few things in mind but I need an opinion-

The front end of my bike is wobblier than a wobbly guy on jellies- if I take one hand off the bars and "go light" on the other hand it starts shaking, if I take both hands off at say 40 mph it shakes wildly and I need to grab it again within a few seconds or it'd end up in the durt.

Would a fork brace solve this, and if so do they fit with the short front mudguards that are available on t'internet?

Thanks in advance doods

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  • front end is to light and sets up wobble back to the frame SD takes the wobble out

  • Tyres take it from there, steerimg bearing adjustment. Fork oil/springs overhaul.

  • A cheap way to tighten the front fork is to add some valves on the caps and inflate at 0.8 or 1 bar, sorry can't give the equivalent in psi, it works beautifully. You can change the oil at the same time.

  • of course if you don't take your hands off the bars, as you shouldn't anyway, then there is no problem, right ? most w650s wobble a bit in front cause the front end is very light.

  • Tires tires tires...

  • Best to head the roadracing practice of making only one adjustment, or change, at a time. That way you'll better identify what the actual problem and best cure were. I had a simillar problem with a new Kwacker years ago. Adding heavier fork oil and a steering damper masked the fact that my bike's front rim was defective. The "improvements" made simply corrected the low-speed weave. A speed wobble at over 60 mph tossed me down the road. The dealer discovered the front rim's faulty weld after the fact.

  • Wheel alignment? Easy to check.

  • It`s the tires...

  • I'll do the alignment/tyres/balancing all at the same time before starting to swap oil, springs etc.

    Thanks for the input guys x

  • Neck bearings? Sit on the bike and slowly move your handlebar from left to right. If you feel a flat spot its shot. Also with the frontbrake handle pulled in, move the handle bar back and forth, not down. If you feel movement you know whats up.

  • tires.... 11 years and 4.5k... they must be dry/creacky where the bike stood. Prolly only the front tire because the bike was kept on the center stand... but I would change them both.