Why oh why does this have to be in Scotland. Too far Andy. too far


Why oh why does this have to be in Scotland! Too far Andy... too far!!!

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  • Gumtree. Went on today

  • V5 lost is never very good when you are selling a bike.

  • Agreed. Which is why I'd have to see it and check it out. No way in hell from Torquay. Otherwise, I'd just pay the guy his money and get it couriered

  • Front indicators look rather suspect. I am only an about an hour from the guy as well but chocka block at the moment.#

  • We can't win 'em all Alasdair Cowan... sadly! If it's genuine it's a good buy!

  • Looks a bit tired round the edges but not expensove at the money.

  • Deleted from gumtree

  • how much was it?

  • £900

  • ouch..