Why does the Kawasaki Kickstarter or shaft break so often on the KX 250 and 500


Why does the Kawasaki Kickstarter or shaft break so often on the KX 250 and 500? Does anybody aftermarket make stronger ones? Can I get a stock one hardened? Where can I get a two piece clutch cover for my 91 KX 500? And what would the cost be? Thank you

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  • Install a automatic decomp valve And no more broken kickstarter shafts

  • Custom cover ,seen it on here I think.

  • They don't u got to learn how to kick it

  • Just got one haven't installed it yet. How do you like it?

  • I had automatic decomp valve on my KTM 500 And KTM 650 2 strokes And they were really easy to start ..

  • upgraded in 2000?

  • Prime it 3 revs cold push it to the second hard spot bring it up and put the pressure on.same with any big bore 2 or 4 stroke

  • I have kinda old pic on my phone but might be hard to see but in a magazine a rider had a custom case for easy clutch access. Oh and I have a steel kick starter

  • Here's my motor, if you can find a steel kicker that would be ideal. Oglh and I don't have a decompression lever

  • The point is not If you Can kick it or not but how you Can give The engine less stress And last longer..

    I have no problem kicking my KTM 500 but I want The engine to have a chill life so The decomp valve just makes everything Much easier..

    Can start The bike with sandals

  • Contact Adam MillAr on the clutch cover,here's mine

  • where could I buy one of these decompression valve from and what's involved fitting it?

  • I bought one from Ebay who works great,you just need to find a place to make that hole in the top end head and install it.. If you dont want to make a hole in your top end you can buy a top end that is allready made with this mod.. http://www.oem-cycle.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=184

  • thanks very much finn, much appreciated, do they export

  • Im not sure but on the picture you can see where you should make the hole and the fitting for the decomp valve.. I bought this valves and they work great! http://vulcanworks.net/Compression-Release-Sets-p- 17031.html