Why does my zed use up to 1 pint of oil every couple of weeks Does not appear...


Why does my zed use up to 1 pint of oil every couple of weeks. Does not appear to smoke and has no leaks. 27800 miles now and had been stood 8 n half years untouched in a shed.. mileage is genuine d6 Jan 99

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  • Which oil do you use?

  • 10 40 semi

  • ok and which brand?

  • Mine is also using about 1 litre each 5000 km and also no smoke or leaks. ive been in the mountains in Austria and Italy lastt month at 35 degreas drove 3600 km and she used also 1 litre so think its normal.

  • short journeys?

  • Short journeys make a difference then?

  • Could be a valve guide perished . Check to see if one or more of your plugs are oiling. If it is this it will just get worse over time until it regularly fouls the plug. Could also be a broken ring

  • its normal for older engines..

    a thousand km for 100cc is ok.

    worst part was a thousand km for 600cc.

    have been top overhaul....

    still dissappear.

    i sold d bike...haha.

    use a thicker 15w 50 or 20w50

  • Mine uses oil if ridden hard. Again no smoke or leaks. I usually take a litre with me when in western Europe , never above 4th gear when on the twisty roads

  • well short journeys nothing gets up to proper operating temperature, the oil offers less protection cold and doesn't burn off all moisture. I know my oil consumption dropped after a good long motorway cruise, that was probably the engine bedding itself back in too