• Who was it that had problems with a ZZr1400 2013 Beginning to wonder if the...

    Who was it that had problems with a ZZr1400 (2013) ?? Beginning to wonder if the bike is has good as the say ? Problems with horn, doesn't work. Gear indicator is up down, it doesn't know what gear I in. good job I do ! Going back... again... before the warranty runs out... Seriously thinking of getting rid.

    • Suppose everyone rides differently and stresses different parts. I have found the brakes on my gen2 superb. Numerous Trackdays and heavy braking from 160mph+ all day long.

    • Yeah discs are crap, I guess I need to stop steaming into roundabouts rattling the ABS! lol

    • Wow you guys must really pull on the anchors, I've never had the ABS cut in yet(as far as know)

    • lmao! And the ABS I was referring to was the back wheel! Lmao :-)

    • That's just riding style then

    • I guess so.... lol Rob B gets it.... ;-)

    • I am always surprised by just how stable these bikes are under heavy braking.

    • especially on wet roads

    • No.. .that not riding that just plodding along...70 mph will not or should i say unlikely to test your abs on the open road, however the other speeds that remain for us to know and others to find out...well what more can i say...than brain push eyes out of sockets lol

    • 2008 model and my precious is stil in top shape :-)