Who s using what tank bag on a Gen2

Who's using what tank bag on a Gen2??

Post a pic if you can and let me know how you like it.

Looking for something not too huge, but that will stay on the bike at "possible" high speeds


  • SW-Motech bags connection setup... quick and easy... doesn't fall off at speed (very high speed!) Doesn't leave ugly bars/clips behind and quality.

  • Those have the gas cap lock ring correct?

  • Range of bags to choose.. this one extends... clips onto ring and pulls off with a cord that i believe you can get a lock for.

  • Bagstar cover with bag, cracking.

  • Hate large tank bags on this bike...stretch your arms...I now have a slim bagster probably half the height of the pictured one and even then thats almost on my chest

  • Yours straps to your tank bra? I like it. Where you get the bra from?

  • Just google tank bikini with the size...I think this bag is a double d

  • The SW Motech EVO Daypack electric tank bag for a day trip....

  • ...and the SW Motech EVO Sport electric tank bag for a longer jurney. :-)

  • Oxford tank bag. Fits great and a strap around the steering head make sure it's stay in any speed...

  • Use an Oxford X30, which I've had for a few years. I know some folks aren't keen on tank bags. However I'm a big fan and never tour without one. I consider the X30 to be an excellent all round piece of kit. I like the fact that you can keep all your handy stuff within it & it's easy to get to :)

  • Actually the big Z transformations from being an Hyper sports bike for Track days among the R1:s, to a great touring bike with panniers, top box and tank bag and 120 litres of luggage for two persons. Which other bike can do the same?

  • None mate. It's a top all rounder and handles like a dream for a big bike :)

  • None

  • No one in the US sells it. It pricier than I thought haha..still considering it though. I like how the bag can strap to it. Do you have the gas cap ring also or just straps Andrew Brassington