Who s out to play today in the south

Who's out to play today in the south????

  • Box hill it is:-)

  • Off to hyside motorcycles.

  • Bye bye Darren have fun.

  • Got dressed, got big z out, got destination sorted, got a sunny day, FLAT BLOODY BATTERY:-( now sat watching the Olympics with a cuppa.

  • Sat home too mark, feeling your pain

  • It's my own fault Marta I unplugged my Optimate before I went to Spain last Saturday.

  • I don't know who to blame as for someone else's negligence I can't even get to the garage let alone the bike!!

  • haha so it looks like im not the only person pissed off haha,just rushed and dropped my son off got home and its cloudy but im still gonna have a hour sod it.

  • Sorry to disappoint you Nick BUT the charger did it's job and I have just got back from a great little very sunny ride out my needs have been met for another week:-) YYEEEEHHHHAAAAA

  • Good blast out to see hyside new showroom in Romford.

  • Rub it in Darren why don't you