Who s got a red sx

Who's got a red sx ?

Can you post a pic of it with your cans and tell me what they sound like compared to factory ones , and if they fit with panniers , pretty please , thank you in advance ☺️

  • this is me touring set up....don't do panniers I'm afraid....but this works well for me :)

  • I have Scorpion Serkats too but they are the parallel ones not like Ian Jordan's Only the tapered ones like Ian's will work with luggage. The parallel ones will not clear luggage

  • My bike aint red bt the pipe you shld get are the Bodis pipes.. it fits with the panniers.. the music of the pipes will make u orgasm.. at high rpm the sound will tickle your funny bones, and when you down gear it will give you a bassy back fires that will shock your world..

  • I have a red sx and haven't changed the cans. I like the way it sounds as it is

  • Seriously, €1699 for a set of Bodis pipes! I have better things to spend my money on

  • Akrapovič slip on. Looks and sounds amazing.

  • Passion is not measured by money. Its personal preferance..

  • Delkovic reasonable price and seem fine with the pannier

  • It looks like it goes straight into the pannier ?

  • Yoshi r77's, look great and sound great too, as you can see work with the panniers

  • They seem like it but the heat shield under pannier and also the have an angle at the top of exhaust

  • aha .. Ok

  • Thanks peeps , info appreciated ☺️

  • Lou Mander end

  • Racer bike

  • I got Ixil Hyperlow. No problem with panniers. DB killer can't be removed as to German restrictions. However my dealer says you also have to remove the KAT to get better sound.

  • Oh noooo

  • Anyone fancy doing a little vid of their cans running for me please ?

    ( warmed up is best ) It'll kill 5 mins for you !