Who running the super atv forward and back a arms Can you run a 31 tire with...

Who running the super atv forward and back a-arms. Can you run a 31" tire with them I believe when I pick on up I defiantly want to arms a set of gateway buckshot mudders like I run on my jeep is size n78-15 basically a 31-9.50-15 should last great and do great as well hear is the tire they also make them in a 33-9.50-16

  • It that yours. I see I'm not the first to think of it I don't believe I would put just ant truck tire on one but these buckshots are awesome even compared to a super swamper

  • How much do they weigh ?

  • Here it is with 31" swampers with 2" satv lift and arched arms

  • Yes it's mine I sold the buckshots to a buddy and decided I wanted to go back to a truck tire so bought the swampers from a buddy that went to a 33" swamper.

  • They are not extreamly light but I don't know the exact weight

  • Go to national wheel and tire and look them up it will tell you I believe.

  • How did they do on the teryx I would imagine they lasted really well but was the teryx heavy enough to make them flex over rocks. On my jeep I'll probably never run anything else but they weight plays a good part in how they go.

  • Just looked didn't see the weight they told me when I bought mine but it was a year and a half ago I can't remember

  • My opinion truck tire doesn't go as well as a big atv mud tire but they should last a long time and they still go pretty good. I've had swamplites, moto monsters, gorillas, terminators,

  • Yeah I just looked also there isn't much difference then a big mud atv tire.

  • You like the buckshots or swamper better I had a set of swamper sx's and thornbirds in the past myself I like the buckshots

  • I work for firestone .thought about our MT'S on my t2. 235-75-15 tire.its about 29.9 inches tall weights about 27 pounda

  • They are about the same

  • I ran several sets of those on a company truck I had in 285/75-16 they do good but seemed to chunk and the lugs would tear off but we're talking about on a 2500 Chevy loaded pretty heavy

  • I run 35's on my 2002 duramax .on my second set getting 50k plus out of them.not pulling very heavy loads though

  • Do you think they would clear with out the extra lift just the arms

  • My buddy said if he is in a good bind they rub a little and he just has arched arms.

  • Yes you will clear the 31's easy with the arched a arms and I think them tires are right at 50lbs a piece