Who rocks the BROCKS


Who rocks the BROCKS??

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  • Damn right. Brock's the man!

  • They are very good about "service after the sale". Very helpful with any questions you may have

  • full dual ct system here

  • Of course

  • Nothing else would do

  • Akropovic will smoke that pipe mostly midrange !

  • your on some good stuff if you really believe that

  • In the first pic, are those tinted head lights? Or, aftermarket covers? Looks ace!

  • On a Dyno 3 to 5 hp in the mid range not much difference in top end about 1/2 hp that's why most road race bikes use Akropovic. , oh ...I don't smoke I do research ....lol

  • I do

  • Only the best ... :)

  • https://youtu.be/Mkp_OtAGQ8Q Brocks Alien head 2 in full song ..:)