Where do you mount your sat nav. Are they easy to install

Where do you mount your sat nav? Are they easy to install?

  • I made a mount using a long Allen bit fixed in a quarter inch socket & dropped it straight down headstock bolt, cost nowt n was a perfect fit.

  • Get the kwak sat nav mount around £40 and worth every penny

  • I've got a mount that bolts at the front petrol ⛽️ tank bolts, sw motech I think

  • That's the kwak one it's from sw mot echo there better than the aftermarket ones that fit in the headstock cause they dnt move when u change direction

  • Dave Elliott yeah my dealer fitted it, it's fantastic

  • everything seams to fit perfect on these bikes was contemplating getting rid until my trip this year but there a perfect all rounder so keeping it now

  • Dave Elliott same here, everything I test ride just ain't my SX

  • ram mount

  • Sw motech mount £50-55 and its bang on stays central when turning looked at ram mounts but they move and have seen some shred the end off

  • May have one for sale if I buy a Multistrada

  • Look up telfrizer he makes bike specific mounts yours will go in the centre of yoke very good and good price