When you ride on a straight road and you let go of both handle bars are they...


When you ride on a straight road, and you let go of both handle bars.. are they supposed to start shaking left/right after while..?

Mine starts off with like a little vibration, and then it shakes(and i grab on back to stablise it)

Dont rmb any of my previous bike doing this..

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  • Front has gone by the looks you will have plenty of thread on the centre but if you look at the angle of the side you will see it has increased and you have wear the rear has also squared and we wont mention the chicken lines.

  • ah.. thats good info.. all i knew was to look at the depth of the threads.. and they were all still far from the "marker"

  • As I said I had it on a vfr had a new pair of tyres it sorted it .tyres weren't that worn but definitely were shagged I tried my mates wheels first just to prove it was the tyre's and it confirmed it tried having them balanced didn't work definitely tyre's

  • The Z is very sensitive to worn tyres as I put before you think you have a lot of life left in them but the bike dontblike it I had the same problem with mine a chatter vibration under heavy brakes but changed the tyre and it solved it.

  • Lots of tread left on shot fronts Stop hard on the front stretch then bumpy = shaky bars

  • Remove ur topbox. Aerodynamick shit. and they make shaking "problem" when u let hands of .bars. Notis the same on Honda XX1100,and wery mutch if u put load in.My guess Its all abouth senter of weight,both XX and Z are perfect balanced,and if we put on a topbox,the balance beeing desturb. Nothing of this happen if u put som weight in a tankbag.:)

  • They are out of angel gt.. I went for road4 gt instead.. will update after a couple hundred km in..

  • Ok updates! have about 200+km done on the road4 gt now..

    If anyone reading is still using stock tyres, swap them out now. BIG difference. I had the angel gt on my busa back then, was ok.. road4 gt on the zzr14 feels awesome, or maybe the stocks suck that much.

    Balancing of the wheels was done by dealer, also fitted the L-air valves for easier time with air pressure.. I then tightened up my suspensions and forks and its all good now. panniers and top box still left on.

    Much thanks for all who helped and gave their little bit of info here and there. I guess when everything's pieced up it became my solution. =)

  • Glad mate

  • Pr4 gt Longest lasting tire I've ever had

  • How much mileage now?

  • I got around 17km only burn outs on the way to get the new ones First time I ever bought same twice in a row love them

  • I did ca 10000km on rear,still som left if i owerloock safety:)

  • This happened to me with panniers and a 5 foot flag on a pole streaming from the back (it was a rally)

  • Noo get the L valves out I have read where these come out at high speed