Whats the top speed of this bike. Heard its struggling to reach 220kmph

Whats the top speed of this bike? Heard its struggling to reach 220kmph...n wads the cruising speed at the highway? Appreciate your inputs :)

  • Did try 253km to kl with pillon....

  • 160 to 180 with all 3 boxes and pillion able to take it for the engine?

  • Done 180-190 with pillion for 1 hour on freeway

  • 260km/h max

  • On a track day I had 145mph showing on the speedo. Or 234 kph

  • did 281 on mine

  • I get 260-265km/h lying on the tank with the screen up - no panniers. Basically, just runs out of revs. Power is there. That having been said, excessive speed is not what the SX is about. Get a zx10R if you want speed. Fortunately I have one of those as well. :)

  • To tell u the truth My bike did 255kmph during my ride from temerloh - kl - nilai...but its just hit only a few second..i dont have enough gut to stay longer....

  • No problem. I cruised on my z1000sx from ipoh to gelang patah at 200km/h

  • Mine 280 infront of sepang Podium... scary...