What year was the last year the V2K was produced


What year was the last year the V2K was produced?

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  • 2010

  • Last model year? or last production year?

  • I can't find any articles on the V2K after '08

  • 2010 was the last model year. I bought my 2009 Classic LT new in 2011. The dealer also had 2010 models, but no 2011s.

  • Last production year was 2009 for the 2010 model year. They all took the same parts, except for the '04 & '05 models had a different frame part on the lower left side where the kickstand mounts. They changed the angle of the mount so it wouldn't lean over so far. The kickstand itself is the same part number.

  • The last year model is 2010. I bought the last one one the dealer had in December 2012.

    Drive off price was $13.8K