• What year of t4 would you all recomend. I m looking at a 15

    What year of t4 would you all recomend? I'm looking at a 15.

    • I have a 14 that I beat the snot out of since new and love it. I did add a 2" HL lift and 28" tires and almost always ride with a full cooler and 4 adults. Just now replacing a right rear axle that hasnt blown yet but started clicking. The way I ride and the weight I do it with...this axle held up longer than it should have!

    • I have a 12 with 2000mi no problems at all.

    • Love my 15 t2

    • 2012 is the new clutch design I have a 12 and had no problems the clutch is vented up by air intake believe 14 they routed it different and people had belt issues do to heat intake I belive they corrected this

    • I have a 13 and love it. Thing is a brute it will work and will play lol

    • Yep its fixed, not a heat issue, a belt and clutch issue. Once they introduced the new belt/clutch setup (covered free of charge under warranty) the issues are gone. I was very early in getting mine replaced since I bought my 14 in 13 and have been riding on the fixed belt clutch setup for quite some time, with a full cooler and 4 adults damn near every ride...climbing hills and always taking the "hard route" when others take it easy.

    • I have a 12 T4, no problems at all out of it. I don't believe it makes any difference what year you buy, they are all excellent machines.

    • Tons of improvements in the 2016s and new base models can be bought for about 13900 here in Arizona

    • 15, not Big on the front end and hood of the 16

    • Thanks for all the replies

    • My 2014 800 T2 has 1700 miles with 2in lift and 28s it gets beat hard and never even thinks about giving up! Tough machines! Had the 750s but the 800s are a whole different animal in 2 seater land.