what sort of money is a 1992 kx 500 worth

what sort of money is a 1992 kx 500 worth

  • Possibly for the right money

  • gonna need more pictures though

  • I no the front hose guides are missing

  • bike has been rebuilt from ground up Did it 12 months ago and have got around to riding it so thought to see how much intrest I had in it

  • here's mine, bought for 2800, spend around 3000 on it but it will never be worth what I paid and spent, but yours is lovely looking bike mate

  • starting from the bottom up it has had new rims,spokes,tubes,tyres,securitybolts,wheel bearings and seals, fork service with seals bushes and dust covers,shock service with seals and bushes,engine rebuild with rod kit mains transmission bearings new third and fourth gear all seals and gaskets,exhaust valve , radiators,plastics,seat foam,seat cover,handle bars,grips,throttle cable,clutch cable, throttle assembly ,front fmf exhaust and exhaust mounts,gear lever most nuts and bolts plus the bigger bolts like spindles have been zinc plated

  • keep it Jonathan Evans, you'll regret selling it mate

  • Awesome job.......your bike looks great....blue rims look perfect

  • thanks Brian Walter

  • Yes that's what I was thinking