What size tires could I go up to with a 2 lift on my 2015 T4 LE


What size tires could I go up to with a 2" lift on my 2015 T4 LE?

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  • My 28" roctanes rub at full turn

  • Do you have the metal skid plate issued with the recall?

  • Haven't done the recall

  • OK...we have and I bet they would rub even more

  • I Have 28 outback max and a 2in H.L. Lift kit. I also have the recall done and at full turn it rubs pretty bad. That's with a 5-3 offset aftermarket rim. I think u could run 28-30s with front forward a-arms with no rubbing.using stock wheels u would most likely need 2in spacers as well!

  • I was curious about this to I have the recall done as well could I do a 2" lift 2" wheel spacers with aftermarket wheels wrapped in 28s and keep rubbing minimal you think? thanks

  • Kyle, yes! Depending on how big the lugs are on the tires. Mud tires with larger lugs could give u a lil more rubbing than u would like. There is a small piece of metal at bottom of the fender recall,go ahead and remove it it will tear ur tires up when in reverse. Keep in mind that 2in wheel spacers are going to set those tire on out. Result is- Well If u mud ride a lot the next thing u will want is fender flares!!!!

  • Okay great thank you I am really wanting to add a little more clearance and a little bigger Tire but also get a wider more stable stance as I get into soem pretty steep and off camber hills quite a bit just more of a piece of mind with the spacers lol I appreciate the feedback back I was thinking about doing the super atv bracket lift so if down the road I go bigger I can add the a arms as well i was leaning more toward a nice all terrain tire or a mud Tire rocky Mountain atv released some nice tires that look pretty sweet and are radial so I may try those out

  • Do you have a pic? Want to see the lift and how much we'll be gaining.

  • Here are a few pics

  • Thanks!!! Deciding on the lift is the easy part.....picking tires/rims

  • I totaled this rig. Long story!! Lol! But I'm getting a 16 mod. Now and I'm probably going to go with 2in lift,forward arched a-arms, and 2in spacers and 30in tires. Probably like the tire on this one

  • Good news....you're still around to talk about it!

  • Yea. I know that rite. It wasn't that bad. Bent the frame. There is a weak spot and I found it! Front top a-arm mount welds!!! I would recommend to reinforce those welds at the frame!!! And kawi does not make a frame replacement for that model. FYI!!

  • I'll pass that info along!! Thanks!

  • 30' Monster Mayhems on 14' Wheels.Using 1'front wheel spacers.I have a highlifter 2' lift.

  • Do you have any rubbing? No spacers on the back?

  • 28' motoboss on 14' rim rides good no rubbing, 2inch highlifter close on the back but never any problems, fairly smooth ride too for a mud tire. No spacers needed

  • That don't look like a 15 mod.

  • No rubbing at all after the wheels spacers.And no spacers on the back.