What s the stock gearing on the 2013 zx14r is it 17 41 or 17 42 also what s...

What's the stock gearing on the 2013 zx14r, is it 17/41 or 17/42 also what's good gearing if I want to stay SWB..I hear a lot of people say just go down 2 in the rear.

  • I have to agree with Shawn Ellison. Had an aluminum +2 on my 09 ZX14 replaced it twice in less than a year. 68 inch wheelbase. Went back to steel.

  • My 2013 is 17/ 41

  • Better check again randy.

  • Just ck. My back is a 41. I bough the bike brand new only 3200 miles on her.

  • Well it has extensions on it so the back wheel had to be off at some point . The sprocket was clearly changed then.

  • 17/42 stock .. racing at stock wheel base i used 17/39

  • Randy

  • The sprocket was never changed. I put the extensions on myself. Cant help what the stats are.

  • Lee how much do you weigh?

  • Was changed at factory by mistake then Randy