What s people s views on these. While there on offer. Anyone had them


What's people's views on these . While there on offer . Anyone had them

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  • Very good tyre but very soft

  • Do u know rough miles from them . At all thanks

  • About 8000 kilometres for mine Zzr

  • Cheers that's not bad about 4500 / 5000 miles .

    Were they good in wet for grip etc . Thankyou

  • Very soft tyres - I have a feeling the Z would tear the rear to ribbons. I ran them on my ZX10R and loved them, but that is a shorter, lighter and different bike altogether. Also watch out for some of these cheap pair deals online, as I have read that some suppliers are shipping very old stock, so you get what you pay for basically.

    If you like Pirelli then the Angel GT is the one to go for, or if you prefer softer then the ST. I have GT and love them - I reckon they will last 5000 miles at the rate they are wearing and provide excellent grip in all conditions.

  • Good enough

  • Thanks Graham McKie I have bridgestone on now but they lack grip when pushed a d are terrible in the wet

  • If they're the stock ones, then they are extremely poor on the ZZR - I binned mine way before they had worn, immediately after my first wet journey as they were lethal.

    Others use the more advanced Bridgestone tyres and love them (EVO) and there are some Michelins that work well too (PR4) but if you're a Pirelli fan, the Angels are the ones. I like Pirelli; they grip in all conditions, they're just the right softness for great acceleration and hard enough not to get shredded by the Z's awesome power. The life for the £ spent is what will keep me going.

  • Won't last

  • Had them on.my fireblade needed to replace the rear after 2500 miles. Good tyres though.

  • Cheer m8

  • I'm not saying they are, but some tyres on sale on eBay are either old stock or fake. I wouldn't buy tyres from EBay myself.

    Try Oponeo.co.uk.

  • Cheers Lee England there from m&p so would of thought they would be ok .

  • No problem with M&P. Sorry, thought they were from ebay. Lol

  • No worries m8. It's m&p on there eBay site . Might just spend the extra £80 and get set of pirelli angels . Read some reviews and there alot of mixed opinions some say 2500 from a rear . I'd chew that up in 3 months