What OTHER bikes do you own apart from the Dub. if any


What OTHER bikes do you own apart from the Dub (if any..)??

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  • Thruxton R

  • 1978 HD FLH1200 Electra Glide

    2012 W800 + Velorex562

    2015 Zero DS ZF12.5

    Cezeta 506-02 (delivery end april)

  • Beauty, whatever it is, as long as there's black and gold :-)

  • Very nice. How does it compare to the Dub?

  • 2014 Thruxton 900 (EFI). It's is a good motorcycle. Versus a W it is: Heavier; More "planted"; Slower steering; Slightly smoother; Better seat; Has EFI (which some like - I prefer carbs); Has a bazillion sensors which doesn't bother smart people - Bothers me); no center stand - I use pit stands; Better suspension); Wider wheel rims; Better "high-speed" handling; Cool, but nowhere near as cool a W650; Has more "character" than most modern bikes, but not that "engaged-with-a-machine" character that comes with riding a W650; Not as good around-town but a better highway bike. My favourite bike, aside from my W650, is my other W650.

  • Nice.

  • Thanks for that. It's good to get a comparison from someone who actually owns both bikes rather than a journalist who has probably just jumped on the bikes for the first time. I've kinda had a notion for one of the newer Bonnevilles but could never justify buying one.

  • Kip, is your '78 Glide reliable? I've never owned (but have always wanted to) an old Harley, or an old Airhead Beemer. Ridden some. I like the "machines."

  • I bought my low-mileage Triumph as soon as I heard that the next-gen would all be water-cooled. I would have purchased an earlier, carbed, version, but read reports that the later Thruxtons handle better - the specs indicate differing dimensions, so clearly Triumph adressed some of the issues ("twitchy handling," terrible sensitivity to tires," etc., of the carbed models). My 2014 handles very well. I would loan it to a friend with total confidence.

  • Very reliable! You can rely on it to have a fault anytime. :-D

    Actually, the more you ride it, the better it keeps on going without troubles, and most errors are rather easy to fix.

  • My stable mate's to keep my 2004 W650 company are 1982 CBX550F11 and 1988 XBR500

  • Kawasaki z750 2011

  • Love the CBX550. Hen's teeth, around here, like the W650, and the even more rare, GB500.

  • No other trials riders on the list? Still trying after 40 years.

  • I like the old iron-head Sportsters, as well, with the original Sportster frames that had forward-mounted rear shocks. Modern motorcycles are losing that machine/mechanical quality that is huge part of ownership and riding, for me.

  • AMF Shovel :-)

  • The choice... 650 or 1584

  • Where's Jack Linden ? I know he has at least one other cool bike...

  • Total respect!

  • He's been busy riding, methinks.

  • Or plastidipping. Or drinking cognac and smoking a cigar.

  • Well... and... add this motorcycle, that I purchased today.

  • You can not go wrong with a Harley... The character in my opinion is different but equal to the W650.. May you make many miles of smiles on your new steed.

  • Thanks Bernie. Will be good for short hops around town.

  • The new sportster based models are cool. I was close to buying a 48 but the tank size was too small for practicality.

  • I like the '48. Just tank range that would perhaps bother me, though 100 miles is a nice point to hop off and stretch your legs...!

  • Agreed on the tank-range issue - and the lack of comfort or practicality of the 48. My other bikes are better motorcycles, from any rational perspective. But I like the raw, motor-and-two-wheels (motor-cycle) feel of the 48, for local rides.

  • The stance on the '48 is somehow 'right', I feel. Low, lean, nice flat bar.... cool.

  • I agree Neil. As a styling exercise, it's the best-looking of the Sportster range. This one has mid-set pegs, which make it (somewhat) more "comfortable." I don't like foot-forward pegs - in fact, my preference is for rearsets, which are a bit silly on a bike with the Sportster's handling limitations.