What mine looks like

What mine looks like

  • Do you have reverse on that?

  • Looks like Jefferson texas

  • Looks like ur bike made into a trike w fairing

  • I think its that guy that knows chuck. Where the exhaust came from i just got

  • No way....

  • Yes I have learned creative backing .lol no don't have reverse.but yes Jerry think you got my old exhaust if you got them from same Chuck.they ain't that used I had them a little while then had stroke and had to go smaller bike or did what I did to it. As far as fairing I bought it and had buddy paint it for me turned ou to be cheaper last but not least I took exhaust off and put straight pipes with fish tail tips.just trin to answer every body.

  • Not trying to A sound like a a hole B just proud of where it is

  • Hey we going to have to get together n ride. Id love to see what youve done. Plus would be great to ride with another vn2000.

  • Cool Jerry sounds great to me.I live in Greenwood you want to get a hold of me we can shore eat some road up. Biggest prob right now for me is I'm only off one sat.for awhile

  • I work every other weekend. This weekend I work next weekend im off. Im working on getting the exhaust bolted up right now. Your old pipes aren't lining up. Chuck told me im have to use a pry bar. Not to confident in this method. Im known to over torque n brake stuff. So..... im off tomorrow n plan on breaking out the torches. I should be up n running by next weekend. Btw I live in Blanchard.

  • Look'n good Jon

  • Cool we ll get together soon

  • Thank you Doug