What luggage can anyone recommend for the 2014 fef model I have used my usual...


What luggage can anyone recommend for the 2014 fef model, I have used my usual throw over panniers with minimal content. This distorts the tailpiece around the tail light, this is only after a 120 mile journey?

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  • this is the setup on my fdf

  • Wicked looking set up.

  • Ventura rack and bag. Nothing touches the bodywork and when your riding with no pillion you can turn the rack around so the bag and therefore the weight sits over the seat and not hanging over the rear like a top box.

  • I tested fitted my old Oxford soft throw overs last weekend,and I'm glad I did,as I found they didn't fit at all!!the wide back end being why!I don't do much touring,so am opting for a givi tank bag and a givi tailpack!

  • Ventura.

  • Ventura for me. So easy to put on and take off.

  • my doggy tank bag and rucksack 4 me lol

  • Ventura all day

  • Just bought this set up off my mate on Saturday

  • Got an almost brand new ventura bag and rack (rain cover included also) as seen in picture for sale if anyone is interested just need the L brackets which are sold separately anyway