what is your favorite trackday racing track

what is your favorite trackday/racing track

Hi all

tell me what is your favorite racing track and have you done any track days and what was it like.

  • I've been track riding for 3 years now. The tracks I've been on are:

    Pocono(East, North, & FUSA)

    Summit Point, WV(Shenandoah & Main)

    New Jersey Motorsports Park(Thunderbolt)

    A lot of people complain about Pocono because of piss poor track conditions(lots of ripples, runoff is treaherous, and transition patches are rough) and they don't usually like to cater to bike clubs. However, I can't complain much about it because it's my home track(only 30-40 minutes from where I live).

    I ran Shenandoah twice in '08. First time I did it I hated it in the morning but fell in love with it by the afternoon...so much that I made my way back there 2 weeks later...and crashed, but still loved it.

    Thunderbolt @ NJMP is really nice( very fast & technical) probably because it's a brand new facility. I unfortunately made a run there while I was sick and ended up puking after almost every session so I didn't really get to enjoy it to the fullest. This year I'm really looking forward to hitting it again, only under better health conditions.

    This year I'm hoping to add a couple more tracks to the list including BeaveRun, NJMP (Lightning course), Summit Point (Jefferson) and maybe even VIR.

    Sorry for carrying on but when I hear anyone mention trackdays or racing it gets my blood pumping again so I love to hear about other people's experience and share a few of my own.

    To sum it up I don't have a favorite track because I'd gladly take any one of them over a day at work anytime.

  • i've done california speedway, willow springs, buttonwillow, and las vegas motor speedway. I like willow springs the most because it has lots of elevation change and the whole track is high speed.

  • Buttonwillow! Streets! then the Big track at Willow. Love Mazda and Lost Hills at Buttonwillow. Can't wait to get out there again on April the 20th! Not quite ready for Laguna. Maybe next year.

  • Went to Cadwell Park for the weekend, trackdays on both days, it was wicked!

  • I've done Road America, Brainerd, Grattan,Autobahn Country Club, and Jennings GP. As far as track days go; I don't ride on the street anymore and don't miss it. If you do a track day I would recommend trying to find a 2 day event if you can afford it. Seems like 1 day gives you just enough time to learn the track and then, sadly, it's over.