What is everyone s thoughts on this carb on a kx500


What is everyone's thoughts on this carb on a kx500

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  • I'd love to see a video of that thing go Jeff.


  • There's several on my page..Scroll down abit. .

  • Still coming to surry Jeff

  • Jeff Grawbarger

  • I'm still working on the details of the 12 hour drive one way,but hopefully someone will see my back fender Rick..

  • Been busting ass

  • Where you stayin down there. Maybe we can all hook up sat night

  • How is the physical size of a Lectron compared to the stock PWK? What size would you guys recommend for a stock motor (02 KX500) thats mainly a woods bike? Ive been debating on either picking up a Air Striker or and Lectron/Smart Carb.

  • Just ordered the lectron 44mm

  • No totally different

  • From the website lectron

  • My bikes a 500 yours looks like a 250 . But I have the 44mm carb . The 39mm would work best for ur bike

  • No they are different kx 500 is a lot larger engine

  • Kx500 stock reeds on the left

  • 500 compared to 125 piston