What is everyone s engine operating temp at while riding and idling

What is everyone's engine operating temp at while riding and idling.

  • Can remember when I picked up mine thinking oh no its overheating can't recall temperature. But was high but dealer said was normal

  • Its between 85° (and when its very warm outside) 100-110° based on my z from 2010

  • riding - 60º/70º in winter/spring time. 75º/90º - in summer time. idling if ou let it run will reach 100º/110º, the radiator fan will start and the temp will decrease. (y)

  • 75-85 riding temp varies depending on weather, been known to idle at around 100 in summer, the automatic fans kick in and keep it around 100

  • Ok it just seemed high to me at idle hitting 90 plus sometimes 100. None of my other bikes get that high

  • Mine are about 88-96 Celsius while riding & 102 C on idling..I living in tropic weather & noon ambient temp is around 30-35C

  • Same on my 750 from 2009. When is colder outside, engine temperature drops until 70°. But as I know....the thermostat shoul regulate the temperature and ALWAYS shoul stay at 90° even outside is only 15°. Exactly the same as on cars. Temp stays always on 90°.

  • 90º seems to be the right temperature for a working engine. I don´t now why the Z does that! In the winter at 120kmh the temperature never reaches more than 70º.

  • Haha....you are lucky to ride in the winter. Here, at -5 to -20 degrees you only watch the pics with your bike and dream to summer. :)))

  • Yes I'm a lucky one! I live in the south of Portugal. You can ride all year long..... (y)

  • It is normal that the temp reaches higher values....100-110 when it is hot outside and the radiator can't cool the water. But when outside is cold, the thermo should keep the temp.constantly to 90°. I wolud say that the thermostat is always open. Not fully, but enought to cool the water in the engine. It can be a problem from the construction of the bike as this issue is on many bikes.

    Maybe somebody with better knowledge can illuminate us with this situation.