what engine oil you guys using 10w 40 semi is what im sure its meant to be do...


what engine oil you guys using? 10w 40 semi is what im sure its meant to be, do you use bike specific oil or halfords 10w40 part synthetic for example???

need to do a service but bike specific oil i cant get at trade price

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  • Motul 10w40 for £22.95 on ebay

  • Managed to find 5l 10w40 bike oil for 18.49 just gets me how it's about 70% more expensive on the "normal motor oil equivalent"

  • Where and what oil you looking at!

  • I used the stuff that's dirt cheap from asda for years and never had an issue and that's not bike oil

  • I use silkoline bike oil semi synthetic .10w40 , because a bikes gearbox thrash,s the crap out of the oil , it has aint foaming stuff in it to prevent it frothing and braking down .I have used car oil in the past with no ill effects ,choice is yours.

  • some folk will say you should only ever ever use bike oil...but I've run mine on Halfords part synthetic 10w40 no problem whatsoever

  • Any advice on what car oil mate, might give it a go, might not, my bikes and cars are serviced religiously and the bike will probably be serviced every 1-1.5k miles if not sooner

  • Top stuff this is what I wanted to know I get this at £11 for 4l on trade

  • cool

  • 2 problems with using car oil

    1. It is not designed for use in a gearbox too.

    2. It is not designed for a wet clutch.

    Used to put 20/50 in the mini to help with the gears but a racing friend always used 20/40 fully synthetic bike oil as this was designed for use in the gearbox.

    TBH the ER5 isn't high tech or high power bike (or valuable) so I'd probably put do the maths and put in the best value especially if this is a winter hack.

  • Halfords semi-synthetic 10-40.