• What does everybody wear for a helmet post them up

    What does everybody wear for a helmet post them up

    • One of 4....

    • I see alot more full face helmets then i thought i would that's for sure. Must be alot of smart riders ride the V2K.

    • I have both a full helmet and a half shell now that I'm getting older the windburn where I live in the valley is pretty bad. Full face with a Bluetooth best way to go. Lol

    • Exactly what i wear i think years of stock car racing prepared me for full face. I have been hit in the shield with some good size stones and a few birds so yeah i think no face protection is inviting trouble.

    • Hey looking at your pics of your bike and I saw one with an engine are you a bike mechanic also?

    • No Sir just a Motorcycle enthusiaist. However ii use to restore old 2 stroke Kawasaki's but i am def not the mech in this group. I also have a small vested interest in a small mom and pop shop in P.A.

    • You know what they say' Got a 10 dollar head wear a 10 dollar helmet.

    • My brainsaver..

    • Here is mine

    • All these people wear helmets on their heads but I have a watermeloon instead!