• What do you think of the z800 for my first bike

    What do you think of the z800 for my first bike?

    • Yeah see my only experience was dirtbikes and I bought a 300 and I know at some point I want something larger but for the time being my bike is just as fun

    • More I look at the z more I love it

    • Sick

    • Wicked bike! A bit on the heavy side I found but to each their own on that. I don't know if you've watched this before but here is a great review on it.

      https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=sXYkEFiFZI4&index=6&list=PLx v9YlfVvjvbbmBqKIlDSXHaWVRfLrsc s

    • Brand new? For your first bike? Here's a test...

      Imagine a slippery little spot in a parking lot. Or some gravel under your shoe at a stop sign. Now imagine that brand new bike laying on its side there while you stand over it wondering what the heck just happened... Does that thought make you want to cry? If so, you'll see why I'm a firm believer in learning and taking your lumps on something cheaper and preferably used...

    • I bought a brand new bike for my first one, still have it 5 years later and I've never dropped it.

    • I bought my 300 brand new so far haven't put her down so far lol but I agree with you ten fold

    • I didn't say it was a rule. It's not written in stone but I'm sure you can agree that if you're going to make a minor mistake and dump a bike, it's most likely to happen earlier in your riding career.

    • Watch out the trees

    • Always liked the Z.....but go for the z1000 instead!

    • For my first bike lol

    • Mate.....a bike is a bike.......you are in control of it. You'll just end up spending more cash in the long run. The Z is a pussy cat unless you want it to be a tiger.

    • Always exceptions of course but yes I would agree that the odds are higher earlier on.