What do you think about Michelin pilot road 4 vs pirelli angel gt


What do you think about Michelin pilot road 4 vs pirelli angel gt??

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  • Ahah another angel vs pr question :-) you ll never find an advice here on this , people likes one or the other. Personally I use angel gt, never had the need nor the pleasure to try pr however, and I still wait for a decent high mileage report on them... We re not speaking about race tyres after all.

  • Angel Gt 100% - 5000mil(8000km) and like brand new SUPER !!!!

  • Mine (GT's) have been in ages, still look like new, the BT016's it came fitted with looked 50p in the first 1000 miles on the front, horrible tyres on the SX

  • Angel Gt 12500km very best

  • Vote for PR4...hehehe

  • I had the Pr4's super sticky but picks up everything in the road I don't think they wear that well maybe I do ride em hard but not sure about high miles on them either they do stick well and never had a slip on them unlike the OM's though.

    May try the Angel GT's.

  • Went and got a new PR4 on the rear today gotta admit they are super sticky but maybe next time I'll change

  • New tires are always good nowadays. Let us know later if you can thank you. It would be really useful

  • Alessandro Torchia I've already had the PR4's this is the 2nd one on the rear I don't like mixing brands or treads

  • Yeah agree. My question is this: if you manage to do decent mileage on it just post it ( I mean 10k km and more). They are compared to angel gt so they should do that but nobody reported it. Less than that mileage it S better to buy sport tyres I think, Same price more fun ( or stick to angel's). this is my doubt as I live in France would be easier and just useful to use Michelin tyres if it S worth it.

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  • pilot 4 gt for winter season. perfect for rain but poor performance for dry or summer. i am using 200 50 17 diablo 2 corsa for summer and 190 50 17 pilot 4 gt for winter. next summer intend to use 190 55 17 diablo 3

  • There more a summer tyre so perfect for summer and great in the wet.