What do you guy s consider high milage for a 06 zx14


What do you guy's consider high milage for a 06 zx14

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  • Thanks fellas

  • Mine has 66,000 on it still running hard

  • 40,000 here .still runs great due to me using good oil , fluids and lot of maintenance .

  • I have an 06 that comes in for regular maintenance every year, last time he was in it had 86k on it still as solid as day one.

  • My 06 has 54,000 on it has had regular maintenance and still runs great!

  • My 06 only has 8200 miles on it. The only thing wrong with it physically or structurally is when the AZ sun melted my dash a little.

  • Got a 2008..143,000 k- 88,000 miles

  • Mine has ~12000 hard ridden but well maintained miles. It does have a valve cover leak which is not uncommon from what I've read and will be fixed at the eminent valve adjustment.

  • Had a zx12 130,000 k in 24 months- zx14 29 rear tires luv the sport

  • I got a 2011 zx14 and only 20 miles