What carb and size came stock on a 88 t4 Mikuni or Keihin Which would be...


What carb and size came stock on a 88 t4? Mikuni or Keihin? Which would be better? I just picked up a 88 and it has a mikuni. Also... did tecate's come with a head stay?

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  • Stock on an 88 was a 35mm keihin. The keihin is a better carb than the mikuni. They don't have a head stay

  • I'm not a fan of mikuni, may just get a keihin. The guy I bought it from said it is a 310. Should I get a 38?

  • I ran a 38 on both my 250 and 330

  • What pilot and main jets did you run?

  • Is it a round or flat slide Mikuni? I prefer the Keihin PWK carbs but I have a Mikuni TMX that's decent.

  • I can't remember what the jetting was, haven't run either one in more than 6 or 7 years. They were both Mikuni TM flat slide.

  • It is a TMX flat slide. Not sure on how jet sizes compare to the keihin's.