What are you guys leaving at. ive tried from 4000 7000 and my 60 stays the same

What are you guys leaving at?ive tried from 4000-7000 and my 60' stays the same.trying too lower my 60' I'm 270 69" 2010 zx14 and I can't decide on what rear sprocket to buy either 45-48?what are some of u big guys running for a rear sprocket?and what's ur 1/8 mile times?

  • I think at my lbs I can hold it down we'll see lol if all else fails abort!!!then I'll need that grinder lmao

  • 16/46 69 inches

  • 9000 and slide the cluch

  • Poor clutch lol

  • Yep

  • Nope

  • My two step is at 8900 on my turbo bike

  • When I was n.a. and on spray I left at 9400

  • Had a slider