What are some must do s for the teryx4 Skids windshield What did yall do and...

What are some must do's for the teryx4? Skids,windshield....? What did yall do and which one did you buy?

  • 2" high lifter lift kit is a must. T4 high centers a lot. So a winch is nice to just incase you ride alone or with people that can't pull u out of the mud.

  • Long travel is a must IMO. Kawasaki really screwed up when they made the stock control arms. They're too damn short! They should've been at least 3 inches longer but the plus 6 arms look perfect.

  • depending on the type of riding you do im in az i do very little water or mud so the vent isn't a big necessity surper atv 2" lift tires beadlocks WINCH

  • take a good look at the picture to the left<~

  • every one has there own ideas

  • Aaron Honeycutt how much is the PCV to bypass the 50mph limiter and where is the best place online to buy it.

  • Scott Fitch I think VFJ charges around $350ish.

  • Made brackets and moved my drivers seat back a few inches, one of the best mods I've did. Helps with the poor angle of the fuel pedal makes riding a lot more comfortable

  • Bryan Riggins where is the best place to buy after market arms at and what kinda money am I looking at.

  • I have no idea man. The prices range anywhere from $1900 to $6000 for LT