What a waste of a Sunday I had. Seemingly carb problems were plaguing my 98 k5


What a waste of a Sunday I had. Seemingly carb problems were plaguing my 98 k5 . So you take a carb off one of the other k5s if you have more than 1 and try it to see.well of course before installing the other carb you gotta open it compare the tang bend and float bulbs levelness. Put em in the identical state so when you do use it again it should be spot on. So I do that and use the carb from a bike running no problems. But again I have the same problem. So before i m fine scratching my head I drag somebody who is a go to "GURU" things kx500 related. As I'm dragging him into my day and hit text send key I realize that I am now wasting more than my day because I didn't even think to check to see if the petcock might be plugged. Mike - public apology for dragging you into my brainfart on your Sunday that you still have me a prompt Answer with a positive attitude . Mike weir thank you for everything you do and ask nothing in return. You're a great person!

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  • Let me update this so the new findings concerning my brainfart is totally accurate. So I remove the seat the tank the two tank bolts that tighten the shroud to the tank . You know 1 on each side . The the rubber tank strap the fuel line clamp to the carb side . Drain the fuel into the fuel jug ..grab the acetone pull the petcock disassemble the petcock brush the pieces with acetone. Put it back together blow through it and I still have a restriction . So I pull the petcock side hose clamp for the fuel line . Remove the fuel line and held it to the light of the sun to look through it. How does the inside of a fricking fuel line find the best way to tear itself up while never being disconnected anyway it was the inside the fuel like so mangled it was hardly letting any gas flow throughvit