Were are you now T505LYB


Were are you now T505LYB

I bought my first W650 new in 1999 and polished it for seven years only putting 8,000 miles on the clock.

I did a straight swap for a nearly new Royal Enfield Electra X with a nice guy who rode 200 miles from Cornwall then rode 200 miles back on the W650 he said it was the longest ride he had ever done in one day.

Is this bike still out there because i'm still kicking myself for letting her go.

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  • If she's not, I have a very similar one for sale...?

  • Can't have mine! :-)

  • Its not showing up on the DVLA listings so not sorned or taxed. Either has new number or been scrapped i guess.

  • My dad might sell his

  • Sorry guys the clue was in the first sentence " my first W650"

    I have another one now.

    I was just wondering if it's still out there.

  • He took your W650 on trade for an Enfield, and he's a "nice guy?"

  • Nice guy all right

  • I'd love to know what happened to mine, sold in 2007 with 35500 miles, now showing as MOT'd with 39000 miles. I really regret selling it.

  • Why don't you post an ad for your number one?