Well today I tried out my T2 installed a muzzy exhaust power commander v and...


Well today I tried out my T2 ..installed a muzzy exhaust ,power commander v and stage 3 clutch ....


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  • What do you mean secondary clutch spring ??? Is that a seperate part or does it come with the clutch that he machines ??

  • The secondary clutch is the driven one that is on the transmission.

    John machines the primary clutch (on the engine). But he also sells a different spring for the secondary that squeezes the belt harder and slips less. Give John a call. He can also custom map your tuner to maximize your mods and he can tell you exactly what to expect out of it

  • I am running 29.5 outlaws, hmf slip on muffler, vfj's pcv, primary clutch kit(no machining) and vfj secondary spring and i top out at around 65 mph on the speedo.

  • Yea I'm gonna call him and get that ...cause I'm not impressed at all ...idk how fast it is now but I'm gonna take it out tomorrow and run the shit out of

  • If you were expecting to keep up with a 900 rzr, you will have to go with a big bore kit

  • Not expecting to keep up with anything really ..It would be nice if it would spin on ice at this point lol

  • Lol mine spins like a mofo! What kind of engine oil are you running? With the wet clutch setup on these machines, the wrong oil can cause major slippage and huge power loss

  • Idk ..the dealer does all that ..I mean it has power but not like I expected it to have

  • Ok. Slippage shouldnt be an issue then.

  • Might be the exhaust miner is a 14 with stock exhaust power commander told me they didn't have any maps for after market exhaust you might need a custom tune but I agree not a big difference