Well that s not ideal


Well, that's not ideal...

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  • Braided brakelines if you aint already got em

  • Crash bobbins, big ones

  • Good call!

  • Maybe spongy forgiving rubber break lines more like

  • HEL braided brake lines and maybe swap out your rear shock for a zx636 rear shock. Brakes and handling are the best mods to do.

  • Yeah I've been finding that. The rear shock is springy as you like - needs something a bit stiffer! Is that the best one to go for with out requiring any modifications to the bike or the shock?

  • Yeah zx6 or zx10. From memory when I was looking into doing it the only thing you need to do is relocate the rectifier.

    I didn't end up modifying mine as I just bought an entire zx10r so I decided to leave the z750 suspension alone.

  • Oops!

  • Not exactly true..you will need to trim the lower shock bush or use a zx636 bush if using the zx636 shock..and yes, rectifier needs relocating.

  • Hey guys, just spoke to Bournemouth Kawasaki who have been sorting my bike after the little incident! They said the rear shock is worn out which is why it's like a pogo stick at the back.

    What's everyone's thoughts on the best option? I'm using the bike for commuting (50 miles a day) mainly.

    I haven't got the knowledge for relocating the rectifier, and I imagine the shop will charge out of the ass for doing so...!

    Thanks in advance! Jon.