Well that s it away and this is in its place


Well that's it away, and this is in its place.

It's clean and it's quick and it's as light as a feather compared to the W650.

I like it.

Should I get my coat?

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  • Such a way with words Mr Schit ....

  • Did anybody year anything?! It felt like a whisper...

  • Just kidding I like the new MT series... prefer the 07... I like smaller and nimbler bikes.

  • I love you lot

  • We all make mistakes.

  • Aww, Coventry's only up the road from me. If the meanies send you there, at least you'll have one mate near by. Lol.

  • Just don't let him come near Ariana! Take Nigel to join him if you must. ;-)

  • Umm, yes, 'appen I should. I mean would he want to be seen out with a W rider.

  • Aw cheers Raven for sticking by me